Shear Carnage

Released: 4/4/2012 on Windows Phone Marketplace

Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+

Role: Programmer, Designer, Artist

Development Environment: C# (XNA Studio 4.0), Windows Phone SDK, Visual Studio 2010, Tortoise/Subversion SVN, Adobe illustrator, Paint.Net.

Description:  It’s simple, you’re a post-apocalyptic farmer defending the last grass in the world against an onslaught of mutated sheep who are hell-bent on getting to your fresh greenery. Your weapons? Fireworks!

Shear Carnage is a fast paced defense game inspired by the classic “Missile Command”. Copious amounts of sheep gibbs, rockets, lasers and explosions combine to make a colourful, explosively satisfying and highly addictive game with social network integration allowing you to show off your high scores to friends via Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live and more.
Shoot powerups to bolster your defences and obliterate your foes with increased firepower, waves will increase in difficulty as you progress, so be prepared!

Download and Marketplace link: