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Platform: Windows Phone 7 (Demo only)

Description: Hypermorph is a retro-style side scrolling shooter that takes me back to my childhood days, playing classics such as Xenon 2, R-Type and Menace on the Amiga. Back then the shoot’em’up was a staple video game genre and was hugely popular, now only since the mobile platforms have taken off is the genre again feasible because it’s the perfect style of game to have a quick blast on when wanting to pass a little bit of time. The thing that’s pretty novel in Hypermorph is the ability for the player to switch between two different forms, a spaceship and a hover tank by simply tapping the screen.

Progress: A prototype demo made for Windows Phone 7.5, this won the Three Thing Game competition in 2012. The prototype is likely never to be released but I one day have plans to make a new shoot’em up that draws influence from the retro shooter era.