The MSc Departmental Prize


Several weeks ago I was very pleasantly surprised by a letter from the British Computer Society stating I had won the ‘Departmental Masters’ Prize in Computer Science’ for my MSc degree!

Along with the nice certificate, I also received a cheque for £150 and a years membership to the BCS, making it most certainly the best bit of mail I’ve received through the letterbox for a good while.

BCS certificate

From speaking with the department I believe I was awarded this based on attaining the highest average score and so it’s nice to know that my effort along with the distinction, was doubly worth while. I’m already looking back fondly at my time at Hull uni and choosing to go on and do the MSc was definitely worth it.

On other fronts, I recently posted a video of my MSc dissertation project on my YouTube profile for anyone interested in the subject of procedural content generation. Making the video was a bit of a pain, and anyone who has recorded footage showcasing academic work previously will know where I’m coming from here, in the sense of making it both informative AND interesting. In the end I edited some raw footage of me exploring a generated world and showcased the various features the best I could.

When I get chance, I’ll be adding it to this site to complete my uni portfolio and uploading my dissertation report (basically because a) it took ages to write!  b) the possibility someone might find it useful and maybe even interesting!).